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Before I even stated looking into what DS106 was I got really confused because I was like I have never heard of this and I do not even no what to begin thinking of what it was I was sure that it had to do with some type of technology but I did not really have a clue before reading about it what it was. To be honest with you I am always scared to learn new things about technology and I was sure that when this week started that I would be really nervous because I am not like many people I do get nervous using computers.  Now lets talk about what I have learned about DS106.

What is Ds106 it is a digital storytelling serious which is telling a true story about your story and your life or other things that you are interested into. I think some of the advantages of ds106 is learning how to use different technology ways to tell people about your life. I think it helps with getting pictures up about your life and can let you really use technology to put different technologies on your picture to make it more dramatic than I would be just to post a picture of yourself during your life.

Some of the disadvantages of ds106 is if you do not know how to use a computer or any technology is may be hard for you to learn. For me this will be hard to learn because I am not very good at technology things. I also could see a disadvantage in if you computer can not do certain things because it is to old and you do not have enough money to get a new computer. I also could see some people may not want to put their pictures on the internet because of privacy.

I think that I am very nervous on learning how to use this in our 20day challenge. I always want to make sure that I am doing things right and now wrong because I want to get the best grade I can and not get a bad grade for doing something wrong. I do not know if I really feel good about creating post on the site. But my biggest takeaway is I may not be the only one that is on the site and worried about posting things right and get good followers and information.


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